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Photograph Explanation:
This was a simulation only, not a real photograph. ISON fizzled in 2013 and it didn't happen! This image was made by www.AstroPilot.info to help motivate and create greater interest in Comet Ison. Please pass it on to your friends. By December of 2013 this comet may become one of the all-time great comets of humanity. Then again, it could fizzle-out and be of no casual interest. But currently, all indications are that it will be very bright and visible to all in the northern hemisphere. An added bonus to pilots and passengers that will have guaranteed clear weather above the winter clouds below! It could be an incredible sight! The correlation with Noctilucent Clouds is that NLC use meteor shower debris as condensation nuclei, and meteor showers come from comet's tails. Although Earth will not pass into the tail of Comet Ison, it will provide a visual understanding of the process. Photo: Collage of 2011 Comet Lovejoy photo from ISS by NASA astronaut Daniel Burbank and BrianWhittaker (.com) as seen on www.SpaceClouds.info. [more]

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